Azerbaijan Does Not Recognize Results of Referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan - MFA

Baku / 29.09.17 / Turan: Four days after the referendum on independence in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry expressed its attitude to this issue.

In response to media inquiries on the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government and the developments in this context in Iraq, Hikmat Hajiyev, Head of MFA Press Service stated the following:

- The Republic of Azerbaijan recognizes and fully supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq.

Azerbaijan supports the peaceful resolution of matters between the Central Government of Iraq and Iraq Kurdistan Regional Government within the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq through the mutual understanding and dialogue.
The referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan was immediately and resolutely condemned by Iraq, Turkey and Iran, which stated they would not allow the creation of an independent Kurdish state. The United States, the European Union, Russia and other members of the world community declared the non-recognition of the referendum. --06D--

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