Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran to resume its work at new location

Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran to resume its work at new location

The work is underway to reopen the Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran. It will start functioning in a new place, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Ayhan Hajizade said, responding to a media request.

After the terrorist attack on the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran in January last year, one of the main issues for the restoration of Embassy's activities was the full guarantee of the mission's security, Hajizade said.

These issues have been discussed in recent months, and work being carried out to transfer the mission to a new, safer place for the diplomatic mission.

The preparatory work is currently ongoing in the building. After completion of all work, it is planned to resume the activities of the Embassy, Hajizade summarized.

*On January 27, 2023, an armed man broke into the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran and opened fire. As a result, one guard was killed and another was injured. The third guard managed to push the attacker out of the building.

Baku regarded the attack as a terrorist attack. The Embassy was evacuated.

In October 2023, Iranian citizen Yasin Huseynzade, who attacked the Embassy, was sentenced to death. However, this information has not been officially confirmed.

According to diplomatic sources, Huseynzade's death sentence has been passed, but this court decision has not been executed.

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