Azerbaijani-Made Mine Clearance Machines Operational in Karabakh

Azerbaijani-Made Mine Clearance Machines Operational in Karabakh

In a significant development for mine clearance efforts in the Karabakh region, 14 state-of-the-art mine clearance machines, bearing the trademark "Made in Azerbaijan," are now operational.

Improtex Industries LLC, an Azerbaijani company, has delivered 10 specialized mobile mine clearance machines, known as Revival P, to the Mine Clearance Agency for immediate deployment. Manufactured at the Improtex company's plant for superstructures and metal structures, these machines represent a crucial step in addressing the persistent threat of landmines in the region.

According to reports from the Mine Clearance Agency, the Revival P machines boast remote-controlled capabilities with an impressive range of 2,000 meters. Capable of mechanically clearing the earth of both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines buried at depths of up to 300 mm, each machine weighs approximately 6.5 tons. Furthermore, they are designed to withstand explosions equivalent to 7 kg of TNT and operate effectively in terrains with challenging topography.

This recent deployment follows the transfer of four similar machines from Improtex to the Agency in October of last year. During extensive testing conducted by the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) in Karabakh, the performance and efficiency of the Revival P machines received commendations from experts.

Interestingly, these Azerbaijani-made mine clearance vehicles have garnered international recognition, with other countries like Ukraine utilizing machines of the "Revival P" type. Azerbaijan's provision of these modern mine clearance vehicles to Ukraine as part of humanitarian assistance efforts underscores the global relevance and efficacy of these systems in mine clearance operations.


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