Balkan countries deal a mortal blow to South Stream

Leaders of the Western Balkan countries pledged to abide by the principles of EU energy policy. Particular attention is drawn to the gas route Azerbaijan - Southern Europe, an alternative to the Russian South Stream. These are the results of yesterday's meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the leaders of six Balkan countries.

According to Reuters, the Western Balkan countries are in favor of compliance with the principles of EU energy policy, which contradicts the position of Russia.

In a statement, drawn up following the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which was held in Dubrovnik in Croatia on Tuesday, July 15, the presidents of six Western Balkan countries pledged to adhere to the basic provisions of the energy policy of the European Union in the construction of new gas pipelines.

According to the document, the purpose of laying new pipelines would be to enhance security of supply. In this regard, particular attention is drawn to the Azerbaijan - Southern Europe gas route.

The meeting with Angela Merkel was attended by the presidents of Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. The Chancellor of Germany during the negotiations stressed that the Western Balkan states in the future may become members of the European Union, provided that they conduct necessary reforms and resolve existing conflicts between them. -02D-


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