Armenians do not recognize the detained residents of Kalbajar as POWs (UPDATED)

Yerevan/15.07.14/Turan- ArmInfo: Nagorno Karabakh filed a lawsuit  against Azerbaijanis detained there  on  July 11-14, former residents of the city of  Kalbajar, Guliyev  Shahbaz and  Asgarova Dilgam.

Armenians persistently call the  detainees saboteurs and state that they  had machines, grants, explosives, etc.

"These tools were used  by them  for making a sabotage and espionage activities. A lawsuit on illegal crossing the state border was filed," reads  the information of the Armenian side.

Today, the Armenian Defense Minister, Seyran Ohanyan, said that the arrested will not be considered prisoners of war, and will be persecuted as criminals. He also rejected the possibility of applying international law and the Geneva convention norms against the detainees. -02D-

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2014 July 15 (Tuesday) 13:41:46

One of the citizens of Azerbaijan detained by Armenians in Kalbajar on July 14 is Dilgam Asgerov. He comes from the village Shaplar in Kalbajar. His picture was identified by his countrymen. -03B-

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The Armenian side released a video which shows the "head of the Azerbaijani subversive group." The video shows a man with twisted hands taken out of a car.

According to the Armenian version, this is the head of a subversive group from Azerbaijan, who was detained on July 14 in Kalbajar (this area is under Armenian occupation since April 1993).

"As a result, the head and the members of the group were arrested, others – were destroyed by riot police," the statement said, but the name of the "commander" of the group is not reported. Armenians previously showed the photos of another "saboteur," Shahbaz Guliyev.

But the most interesting thing is the published video shot for a mobile phone seized from the "saboteur." In this video one of the "saboteurs" says were they are from and why they came to Kalbajar.

"Today we celebrate my birthday in this village in Kalbajar, where I was born. We caught and killed a calf and make a kebab of it. Our people have always liked adventure in this way; we even say that a guy will be never given a girl to marry if he has never stolen cattle. Here we keep the tradition.

Still with us is our third friend from Djebrail and we will teach him the craft. Let our military not deceive us, saying that walking here is dangerous. Here everything is quiet and there is a full range of food, and we also took vodka bottled in a Jermuk water bottle from a farm.

Apparently Armenians believe that so look saboteurs and kidnapping a calf is undermining the readiness of the enemy. Although the motives of Armenians are not difficult to understand; how can you recognize that your rears are roamed freely by civilians who steal cattle, organize picnics with kebab and vodka stolen? Otherwise, we must recognize that their military counterintelligence is asleep and has no control over the front line.

Recall that the Armenian military missed the "saboteurs" and they were accidentally noticed by the locals. When they called the military, two of the three "saboteurs" escaped, which also speaks of the level of the Armenian side.

Later, one of them shot an Armenian Major in a passing car. However, the Armenians explained this as "special operation", forgetting to explain what a housewife was doing in this "operation." 

According to unofficial data, the former residents of Kalbajar regularly cross the front line and walk on their native land.

According to the Armenians, the group entered Kalbajar on July 11. One of them was killed and two captured. The name of only one of them has been reported. -02B-

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