Breedlove: Ukraine - a priority of NATO in Europe

The Commander of Allied Powers in Europe Philip Breedlove said June 8 in Deauville that Ukraine remains one of the components of the policy priorities of the Alliance.

 According to the American general, the second priority of NATO was transition to a peaceful solution of problems, but the situation in Ukraine dramatically changed the position, according to the statement on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

"A very belligerent neighbor" of Ukraine, the country, which we considered as a partner, is "behaving" not as partner "and is a serious challenge to NATO's policy."

He also stressed that the Alliance was trying to build bridges with Russia, but attempts to build a trusting relationship with the Russian side failed. The General said that NATO's efforts now are aimed at ensuring the security of Russia's neighbors in the light of the invasion of Moscow to Ukraine and annexation of the Crimea. -02D-

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