"Civil Solidarity" condemns election fraud

The "Civil Solidarity" Party  has issued a statement condemning the illegal actions committed during the formation of the district election commission of the  50th Absheron-Gobustan district. This constituency was created on the basis of Gobustan-Khizi constituency. The statement reads that the party noted that the composition of the district election commission should be formed with the consent of the parties of the parliamentary minority. After the parliamentary elections in 2010 to the present day the representatives of the "Civil Solidarity" were members of the constituency

№ 50. Composition of the Commission should remain in the current status before the next parliamentary elections.

The statement authors note that after the change of name of the district election commissions, CEC supported the candidacy of the party "Social welfare", as well as the lists submitted by the executive branch of the Absheron region."

"This is a gross interference of local authorities in the work of the electoral body and great offense.  The CEC has put his signature under the next lawlessness, which casts doubt on the objectivity of the results of the elections," reads  the statement. Authors of the document require that official Baku  assessed the actions of the executive structures interfering in the work of election officials, and protected by law. -05D04-

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