Court trail for the convicted on Ismayilli events will continue on September 3

On Wednesday Sheki Court of Appeal continued the appeal  in the case of the convicted  on the riots in Ismayilly in January 2013.  The Court  of Sheki convicted on March 2013, 18 people for participating and organizing riots, including the leader of the REAL Ilgar Mamedov, and deputy chairman of the "Musavat" Tofiq Yagublu.

At today's  trial  the statements  of the accused were heard. They rejected  their guilt. Ilgar Mamedov said that he came to Ismayilly order to inspect the events. He said that he is being persecuted for political reasons for publishing in his blog.

Tofig Yagublu said that time will come  when the judges who condemn on false charges of political prisoners will be brought to justice.  

Then the judge scheduled the next hearing  for September 3. Mamedov sees it as artificial delay in the process, and said that he would file a new complaint in Strasbourg  Court. -06D-

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