Murad Adilov arrested for three months (UPDATED)

The court arrested Murad Adilov, brother of  Natig Adilov, the employee  of the  newspaper "Azadlig" and press secretary of the leader of the Popular Front Party, for three months on charges of drug possession.

On August 11, he was detained by the Office to Combat Organized Crime  of the Azerbaijan's Interior Ministry. In his father's house police found a packet of drugs.

Relatives believe that Murad was arrested for political reasons, as he is an active member of the Popular Front Party and brother of the press-secretary of the leader of the Popular Front Party. -03B-

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2014 August 13 (Wednesday) 13:27:22

Murad Adilov, brother of the newspaper Azadlig employee and press secretary of the leader of the Popular Front Party, Natig Adilov, is kept in the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (GUBOP) Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan.

At the same time, he is not allowed a lawyer and not allowed a contact with his family. Turan was told by the lawyer Yalcin Imanov.

Recall that a member of the Popular Front Party M. Adilov was arrested the evening of 11 August in his father's house in Sabirabad on charges of drug possession.

According to his lawyer, he applied to the Office of Anti-Narcotics to meet M. Adilov, but he was told that the detainee was transferred to GUBOP.

In GUBOP they confirmed keeping Adilov, but the lawyer for him was not allowed.

Relatives of the detainee believe that Murad is being tortured and on this occasion they have information from sources in GUBOP.

After appeals to the Prosecutor General's Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman office informed the family that the lawyer will be allowed to Murad in the afternoon on 13 August.

Natig Adilov believes that his brother was arrested for political reasons. -03B-

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