Defense Wants to Sue Azadlig at 100,000 Manat

The Ministry of Defense has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper Azadlig for publication March 20-24 of the article entitled: "The army or the market of souls."

Defense has seen in this material libel, causing damage to business reputation of the agency, offending the honor and dignity of high-ranking officials. This is stated in a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Defense Chingiz Mammadov. The applicant requested to bring to justice the editor and author Khagani Aliyev.

From the newspaper he demands published retraction and a fine of 100 thousand manats to the relief fund of the armed forces.

In turn, the editors said the Ministry of Defense claim is unfounded. The article raised the problems of soldiers' deaths and corruption in the military.

Earlier, at the suit of the chief of Baku Metro the bank account of Azadlig was arrested and is still under arrest.   -06C-


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