European Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi presented a new plan of cooperation with Azerbaijan

Baku/08.07.21/Turan: The goal of the visit of the European Union Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi to the countries of the South Caucasus is to present a new aid plan for the countries of the Eastern Partnership, which was adopted last Friday, Varhelyi said at a briefing on July 8 in Baku.

The new plan provides for the assistance to the countries of the region in the post-period period and covers the economic and social spheres. This assistance will provide additional support to the countries of the region in overcoming the consequences of the quarantine.

“Azerbaijan is the strongest and most developed state in the region and it is emerging from the pandemic with small losses. But the future of Azerbaijan also depends on the fate of other states in the region,” he said.

“Our proposals cover attracting investors from Europe and expanding trade ties,” Varhelyi further noted.

Referring to the post-conflict situation, he said that the EU offers its services to all countries to achieve long-term peace in the region.

“We welcome the issuance of prisoners and mine maps through the mediation of Georgia and express our gratitude to the Prime Minister of Georgia. These are the first steps and they are fundamental for long-term peace in the region,” said the Commissioner.

The European Commissioner expressed satisfaction with the results of his visit to Baku. According to him, it was possible to achieve a "new beginning" in the relationship. —06D-

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