Family Says: Vidadi Iskenderli not Given Political Asylum

Human rights defender Vidadi Iskenderli said during a press conference at the Media Center on Wednesday, that he is under pressure and prosecution by authorities.

He was in jail for 10 days from 17 to 27 April, on charges of interfering with police work. The reason for his arrest was Iskenderli defended his two female students who police fined 20 manat for crossing the street in the wrong place.

"It happened on April 15. I could not get past the crying student. I learned that the police took 20 manat from her for this "crime." While I was talking to the girls, police officers approached  us, and I told them to penalize not poor students, but children of wealthy officials. They regarded my words as unlawful actions, and I was summoned to the # 26 police station," said Iskenderli.

I was kept there for several hours without food or water, they hit my leg with a chair, accused me of anti-government inciting and subversive activities. In the end, the Yasamal court sentenced Iskenderli to administrative detention for 10 days.

Iskenderli believes authorities are taking revenge on him for publications about corruption in the newspaper "Gundem Heber" and on human rights violations on the website "Khalq heber". 

"I had been warned that they could kill me, hinting to think about my children.  And they force me to refuse political activities," he said.

Iskenderli  has requested the French Embassy in Baku to take his family out of the country  because of threats.  The other day, the embassy denied him, arguing that the authorities of Azerbaijan oppose it. 

"Thus, the authorities keep my family as hostages," said Iskenderli. He also said that yesterday he visited the U.S. Embassy and told everything that happen to him. -04С-


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