FSB as the gendarme of the CIS?

Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) chief Bortnikov made a surprise announcement at the Council of Heads of security agencies and special services of the CIS countries in Minsk yesterday.

Asked about the special role of intelligence agencies in preventing the seizure of power in the CIS countries, the FSB head said that his agency "takes into account that certain forces may act in these countries with certain intentions relating to overthrow the government" and for this purpose special services will act toughly.

"The activity of destructive forces rocking situation in the CIS countries is unacceptable. We will work hard, within the law, to prevent the possibility of destructive forces to influence the situation in our countries," said Bortnikov.

"We see the real intentions, the relevant information makes us react to combine efforts, in particular to exchange information," said Bortnikov. He pointed out that such forces are illegally financed by certain Western NGOs operating in the CIS countries.

Bortnikov stressed that "the efforts of the security services are primarily aimed at preventing such offenses to avoid escalating legal opposition activity into a radical component," said the head of FSB.

The head of FSB did not explain who authorized his department to address security of the CIS countries. However, with high probability we can assume that Baku will perceive his words with great satisfaction. -02D-

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