General Assembly and Bureau meeting: 8th Black Sea Summit in Batumi

General Assembly and Bureau meeting: 8th Black Sea Summit in Batumi

On June 12-14, the 8th Black Sea Summit was held in Batumi, Adjara, Georgia, where political leaders and experts gathered to discuss regional cooperation and economic growth. Organized by the Assembly of European Regions (AER), the summit focuses on fostering unity and addressing key issues in the Black Sea region.

Key figures including AER President Albert Castellanos Maduell and Ajara Chairman Tornike Rijvadze highlighted the summit's importance in promoting political and economic stability across Black Sea countries. Discussions centered on political synergies, innovation, and sustainable agriculture, aiming to enhance regional collaboration.

"The summit underscores the critical role of cooperation in addressing shared challenges and seizing opportunities for growth," noted Dr. Leila Alieva, the summit's Master of Ceremonies. Panels explored topics such as environmental protection and the role of innovation in driving economic development, reflecting a commitment to sustainable progress in the region.

The event marked a concerted effort to strengthen ties between the Black Sea countries in the face of changing global dynamics. As discussions continue, stakeholders are poised to advance initiatives that bolster regional resilience and prosperity.

By the way, the Swedish delegation of parliamentarians was headed by Azerbaijani-born Aida Kerimli.


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