Global Firepower: Azerbaijani army is the strongest in the South Caucasus

Baku / 04.04.19 / Turan: Global Firepower military analytical portal published the ranking of the world armies for 2019 - World Military Strength Rankings. According to analysts of the portal, the Azerbaijani army ranks 52nd among 137 countries, the Armenian - 96th, and the Georgian - 85th.

The military budget of Azerbaijan is 1,600,000,000 dollars, Armenia is 520,000,000 dollars, and Georgia is 380,000,000 dollars.

Live power with reserve367 тысяч245 тысяч20 тысяч
Military aviation138 единиц6367
Interceptor aircraft1800
Attack aircraft30910
Attack helicopters17011
BTR, BMP1671500950
Self-propelled artillery1873869
Towed artillery232175133
Rocket means1827051
Marine funds3109

Surprise was the excess of the Georgian armed forces over the Armenian army in several respects - the number of tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. In terms of the number of light armored vehicles, Azerbaijan is ahead of Armenia and Georgia combined. At the same time, the Georgian army is indicated by the number of only 20 thousand people without a reserve, while Azerbaijan has a living force with a reserve of 365 thousand, and Armenia is 245 thousand.

It is appropriate to recall that Azerbaijan and Armenia can use in the war labor and equipment that is not reflected in the Global Fire power portal. For Azerbaijan, these are frontier, naval, internal troops and presidential guards, and the number of soldiers, officers and military equipment of the Armenian army is not reflected in both the armed forces of the internal, frontier troops and the president"s guard, and the occupation forces in Karabakh. -0-

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