I. Aliyev criticizes the European Union, praises Hungary and predicts bright future for Turkic Union

I. Aliyev criticizes the European Union, praises Hungary and predicts bright future for Turkic Union

After the Second Karabakh War, Azerbaijan's relations with a number of EU countries deteriorated. This was stated on Thursday by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at a meeting with the chairmen of the parliaments of the Turkic countries.

"Some European countries unreasonably denigrate Azerbaijan, calling white black. A number of countries seeking to occupy a special place in Europe even created an anti-Azerbaijani group of three EU states and declared a cold war on Azerbaijan," Aliyev said, without specifying whom he meant.

He further accused the UN, the European Union and the OSCE that "they did nothing to restore justice" and Azerbaijan restored its territorial integrity.

"We have been waiting for 28 years. We wanted to resolve this peacefully, but we saw that those who oppose us want the occupation to be eternal. We have restored justice, defended our territorial integrity, and restored our sovereignty," he said.

Further, Aliyev defended the Hungarian government, which is "under great pressure in the EU" and against which "sanctions" have been imposed. According to him, this is because "Hungary protects traditional values."

"Sanctions are being imposed against a NATO member country, a member of the European Union, located in the center of Europe, but where is democracy? Should everyone act on the orders of the people sitting there in a number of Western countries? They are is stained with blood, it is colonialism and oppression of peoples. The policy of colonialism continues in the European Union today," Aliyev said indignantly.

According to him, Hungary is "on the front line of the struggle" and is under pressure every day. Hungary will now preside over the European Union. Plans are already being made against Hungary to disrupt the Hungarian presidency, Aliyev believes.

After he pronounced the "verdict" of the EU, Aliyev spoke about the bright future of the Turkic countries. In his opinion, the unification of the Turkic world will transform  the organization of Turkic states into a "global power center".

This will happen because the existing power centers are in crisis, "and our potential, on the contrary, is strengthening every day," Ilham Aliyev is sure.


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