Ibrahimbayov: No Alternative to European Integration

Co-founder of the Forum of Intellectuals of Azerbaijan (FIA), screenwriter Rustam Ibrahimbayov sent Turan a position statement because some media presented him as an enemy of European integration.

Some media recently wrote that Ibrahimbayov was an obstacle to the creation of the National Council. Others who oppose Azerbaijan’s integration to Europe include the National Council. Based on reports, a far-reaching conclusion indicates that the National Council is a ‘project of the Kremlin’.

"To my surprise, I have read in some of the media that I am against European integration.  I do not know who and why concocted this lie, but in the early 20th century, the entry of our country into the family of European nations has been the dream of my grandparents, and  I do not see any other way for the future of our country," reads the statement  from Ibrahimbayov sent to Turan agency.

As for Azerbaijan's participation in any blocs or inter-state and international alliances, Ibrahimbayov believes that a victory of a candidate from democratic forces, it may be necessary make amendments to the Constitution in the transition period.

Amendments could provide restriction of the president’s power, provide a real balance of power among the branches of government and strengthen the role of Parliament.  The government could receive information to aid in shaping internal and foreign policy, with consideration of the interests of the country and the people.

Ibrahimbayov noted that it is necessary to hold new, free and fair multi-party elections, which will allow the people of Azerbaijan to determine their own priorities and choices. In his view, the newly formed National Council of Democratic Forces has been created in a transitional period and at this stage, it is necessary to focus on the upcoming presidential election.

"Today, each of us must honestly and in good faith fully facilitate the work of the National Council, the makeup of which will be published in the coming days," said Ibrahimbayov.

The other opponent of European integration noted by the media is Eldar Namazov, the leader of El Movement.

Speaking about groundlessness of these statements, Namazov reminded that he entered the Azerbaijani National Public Committee for European Integration and was a passing chair of this structure.—06D--


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