Ilham Aliyev: 2014 will be a year of industry

A meeting of the government  chaired by Ilham Aliyev on the results of the past year and goals for 2014  took place  on January 9.

According to the site of the head of state , Aliyev called successful the  results of last year, and  told about strengthening the country's international image. In particular, he noted the "failure of the anti -Azerbaijani campaign in  PACE", but did not specify what he meant. 

Against this background, "serious international events were held, and steps were taken to  strengthen relations with many countries."

Referring to the Karabakh conflict, Aliyev said that because of the unconstructive position of Armenia  there is no progress in the negotiations, although by the end of the year there was a "revival" .

 Then Aliyev  mentioned that the budget of Azerbaijan  exceeds the budget of Armenia  by eight times, and a population of over by six times , indicating the clear advantage of Azerbaijan, but it  is not clear what exactly  he  meant.

  The president  Aliyev also said that last year 20,000 IDPs were provided with new  decent housing.

Referring to economic indicators, he said that GDP growth was 6%,  growth in non-oil sector was 9.8 % , personal income growth - 8% , and inflation - only 2.4 %.

A record amount of investments, $ 28 billion, were invested last year  in the country's economy. Foreign exchange reserves amounted to $ 50 billion.

In 2013,  110,000 open jobs were opened in the country, of which 80,000  are  permanent. The unemployment rate was 5 % , while the poverty rate - 5.3%.

Country's external debt amounted to 8 % of GDP, which is "one of the best in the world," Aliyev said. He further mentioned the growth of wages and pensions in 2013. In 2013 was  launched the first communications satellite. Agreements were signed for the implementation of TAP pipeline and field development "Shah Deniz 2".

Speaking about the tasks, Aliyev  spoke  about the plans to open in 2015 the Baku -Tbilisi-Kars railway.

In conclusion, he noted that the objectives  in the  new year are: realization of investment programs , state support of entrepreneurship , providing macroeconomic stability, inflation control , provision of domestic food needs through domestic production.

He also noted the measures to combat corruption , which will continue in the new year.

Aliyev said that 2014 will be a year of  industry in Azerbaijan. He did not explain what  it means. Aliyev also touched on rising energy prices, and did not comment on the riots in Ismailli  region a year ago. -02D-


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