Prezident İlham Əliyev.

Prezident İlham Əliyev.

Baku/03.05.23/Turan: "If Armenia does not want peace, there will be no peace, but we do not lose hope." This was stated by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, commenting on the talks between the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Washington.

Addressing the participants of the international conference in Shusha on Wednesday, he pointed out that Yerevan's recent actions indicate that Armenia is again trying to delay the process in the hope of "some kind of miracle." The conclusion of peace is in the interests of Armenia, so that it can develop and live normally.

If Armenia renounces the peace agreement again, it will be its choice. "We offered them four options for a peace agreement, and they returned us with their comments. They have not responded to our last option for more than 40 days, but a week before the meeting in Washington, they sent their version, the essence of which is again territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

Official Baku has stated many times and everywhere that a peaceful settlement is possible on the basis of two principles: the first is the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the second is the establishment of contacts between official Baku and the Armenian population of Karabakh.

Therefore, any attempt to include the non-existent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in the text of the peace treaty is counterproductive," Aliyev said.

He expressed hope that the Armenian side will be constructive. If not, Baku will not take any other measures but diplomatic ones, Aliyev stressed.

In practice, this will mean even greater isolation of Armenia, which will live in this new geopolitical reality, he added. -02B-

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