Imran Aliyev stated his repeated beating in police

Imran Aliyev stated his repeated beating in police

The Baku Court of Appeal today did not satisfy the complaint of the founder of the site "" Imran Aliyev on arrest for a period of two months.

According to Aliyev's relatives, on April 19, Aliyev stated in the Khatai court that he had been tortured at the Baku Police Headquarters. After the trial, he was taken to the Khatai district police department, where he was beaten again for complaining about torture in the police. Then he was forced to sign a document. According to relatives, traces of violence are visible on Imran's body.

In turn, Ibrahim Amiraslanly, an employee of the Interior Ministry's press service, called these allegations "baseless statements and personal judgments."

* Imran Aliyev was detained on April 18 after publishing on a pro-government website "" reports that he, along with employees of "Abzas Media" and "Toplum TV", was involved in money smuggling.

On April 19, the court arrested Aliyev for a period of two months. In court, he claimed to have been beaten and tortured with electric current in order to make confessions.

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