Reuters:  Fire broke out at fuel and energy facilities in Russia's Smolensk region as a result of a drone attack launched by Ukraine, said Vasily Anokhin, the governor of the western region.

"Our region is again under attack by Ukrainian UAVs. As a result of the enemy attack on civilian fuel and energy facilities, fires broke out in the Smolensk and Yartsevo districts," Anokhin said on the Telegram messaging app.

It was not immediately known what facilities were on fire.

Separately, Igor Artamonov, the governor of the Lipetsk region in Russia's southwest, said that a drone there fell on an industrial zone. He said on Telegram that there were no injuries, but did not say whether there was any damage and what object was targeted.

Reuters could not independently verify the reports.

There was no immediate comment from Ukraine. Kyiv rarely comments on attacks inside Russia, but Ukrainian officials have said that destroying Russia's critical energy, military and transport infrastructure undermines Moscow's overall war efforts.

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