Investigation to decide on treatment of Alesker Mammadli?

Investigation to decide on treatment of Alesker Mammadli?

The Khatai district court today considered the petition of "Toplum TV" founder Alesker Mammadli to transfer him to house arrest.

Lawyer Agyl Laij told reporters after the hearing that the petition was filed due to the deterioration of Mammadli's health condition.

‘Now his release from custody is more of humanitarian than legal issue,’ the lawyer said.

According to him, Mammadli has a thyroid tumor and it is growing. However, despite repeated appeals to the penitentiary service, the Ministry of Justice medical department and the investigative body, Mammadli has not been provided with qualified specialists for examination and treatment.

In an appeal to the Interior Ministry, the defense even agreed to an examination in the hospital of the said Ministry. However, the response of the Ministry of Justice's medical department of 16 April confirmed that Mammadli has no health problems, nor does he have a thyroid tumor and needs no outpatient or in-patient treatment, the lawyer said.

According to Laidj, during the hearing, the investigating party assured that it is taking care of the issue within 4-5 days. In this regard, the defense temporarily withdrew the petition. If the issue is not resolved within 5 days, the motion will be resubmitted.

The defense lawyer said that Mammadli is getting worse and at the trial he was breathing with difficulty. ‘Because of the tumor he cannot sleep, he has no appetite and has become very gaunt,’ the lawyer said.

* On 6-8 March, 9 employees of "Toplum TV" and its partner organisation, the Institute for Democratic Initiatives, were detained. They were charged with smuggling foreign currency. Seven people were subjected to 4-month pre-trial detention and two others were placed under police supervision.

Alesker Mammadli was also charged with currency smuggling. During a search of his flat, 7,300 euros were allegedly found.--


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