Jamil Hasanli: the information about my daughter is a provocation by the authorities

The head of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF)  Jamil Hasanli made ​​a statement in connection  reports  in a number of media that his daughter Gunel allegedly hit by a car  an elderly woman, and fled from the scene. In this regard, Jamil Hasanli said Turan, that such reports are a provocation, and are spread by  state bodies, as well as the controlled media intelligence services.

"I was informed about the preparation of provocation against me and my family, and told about it  many time, as well as an open surveillance by the security services. In particular, the surveillance of family Hasanli was carried out from the car brand "Hunday", belonging to the Ministry of Interior. "We even saw that the police officers  changed their clothes in civilian inside the car,  which was on duty at our house,"  said the professor.

As for the "incident", on September 19, his daughter Gunel brought her  children from school. At the entrance to the yard  at   very  low speed, she noticed an elderly woman, and  let her  go. However, the woman fell to the ground, and  many  believers who  were going to  a nearby mosque for evening prayer saw it. They helped the woman get up, and Gunel got out , and came up to the woman.

Believers know the woman, and offered  to take her home, but she refused, saying that Gunel must do it. After the woman was  taken to the Republican Hospital, a 86 year-old Adel Salimova stated that if it is broken,  she  will appeal. If not, then Gunel  must give  her 300 AZN as compensation, but  Gunel refused.

At 15:30 was  made X-ray, and the doctor said  there were not injuries, but  and only  salt deposits. After  that the  "victim" was sent home by taxi.

"If someone claims that Salimova were seriously injured,  then why she was released from the hospital, and not sent to the trauma department? In addition, we have the conclusion of the radiologist and the photograph itself, " said Hasanli.

The professor said that the life and health of each person is valuable, but  he  does not rule out that the authorities are trying to use this fact against his family.

"I'm sure  that the believers who there  will confirm what happened in reality. In addition, in this place there is a surveillance camera.

The authorities are taking revenge on me for criticism and defense of the rights of Leyla Yunus and other political prisoners, as well as my work in the National Council, " said Jamil Hasanli.-16D-

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