Lavrov brought ideas for organizing car traffic between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Baku /23.06.22 / Turan: There is some progress in the work of the trilateral working group on unblocking communications. This was stated on Thursday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Larov during a meeting with President Ilham Aliyev in Baku on June 23.

“We are discussing the issues to be agreed with the Armenian side. We have a common understanding of how to solve the problem of organizing car traffic in the most comfortable way, so as not to create any artificial obstacles. Russia will assist this work until a result is achieved. I hope this happens soon,” he said.

Russia is ready to provide advisory services to commissions on the delimitation and demarcation of borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia. “There are specific proposals in this regard. I will be glad to discuss them with you,” Lavrov continued.

Further, the Russian Foreign Minister noted that the Armenian side is ready to discuss the provisions of the future peace treaty proposed by Azerbaijan.

“We heard the readiness of Prime Minister Pashinyan to negotiate on this topic. We are ready to provide assistance with the consent of Azerbaijan and Armenia,” Lavrov stressed. -02B-

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