Media Rights Institute: Do not intervene with the ITV

Media Rights Institute (MRI) issued a statement in connection with the election of a new Director General of the Public Television (ITV.) The statement reads that the elections were conducted hastily, were not transparent, and were accompanied by significant procedural violations.

IPM considers that a serious interference in the election of the National Broadcasting Council (NBC) casts a shadow over the fairness of the elections and the independence of the  Broadcasting Board of ITV.

In particular, the elections took place in the building of NBC under the guidance and intervention of the chairman of the NBC. In addition, IPM condemns not conducting campaign for the elections CEO.

IPM notes that the election of the Director General under the organization and control of NBC causes serious damage to the authority and independence of the ITV.

IPM called on the government to refrain from interference in the activities of ITV, eliminate the effects of these interventions, to comply with the requirements of national legislation and international conventions and recommendations of the  CE’s Committee of Ministers regarding public  broadcasting.—16D06-- 


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