Musavat calls on compatriots to take an active part in the presidential elections in Ukraine

"Musavat" party  called on  compatriots living in Ukraine to support , within the laws of the country , the electoral process. In particular, to visit the polls in presidential election day on  May 25, 2014, and vote for the democratic forces , as well as support for the elections in the first round .

 The appeal expresses a belief that the supporters of Ukraine's integration into Europe will win.

"The process of Ukraine's integration into Europe has stopped.  Since November 23 the people of this country  protests against the return of Ukraine under Russia’s  influence. As the logical conclusion of this struggle Ukrainian parliament adopted a decision to hold early presidential elections on May 25. By these elections the people of Ukraine confirms their elected values," the statement says.

"Musavat" party states that the processes taking place in Ukraine are important for Azerbaijan. The success of this process in Ukraine will play an important role in shaping the development of democracy and free society in  Azerbaijan. —0—

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