Musavat Party publishes a package of anti-crisis measures

The opposition party Musavat presented to the public

Reform plan to resolve the crisis. The document notes that as a result of failed policies of the government manat suffered a devaluation, and the people lost hope that the current government will find the right way out of this situation. To ensure the transition to a liberal policy Musavat party invites the Government to implement economic and political reforms.

 In particular to:

- Improving the investment climate and opportunities for tourism development;

- The application of antitrust laws;

- Execution of public procurement through transparent tenders;

- The creation of industrial enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering, light industry, ICT, to attract international brands;

- Provision of interest-free loans to the agricultural sector, etc.

The party also proposes indexing wages and pensions. Musavat support joining the World Trade Organization. As the institutional reforms  it is proposed  to merge the Ministry of Taxes and the State Customs Committee.

An interesting initiativeis  to suspend Azerbaijan's crude oil exports if there is  possible drop in prices for it below 30 US dollars per 1 barrel.

To get out of the situation Musavat Party also presented political proposals, including the immediate release of political prisoners, creation of conditions for political competition, the formation of a legitimate parliament, the implementation of a real separation of powers, including the application of the system of local self-government in compliance with the European Charter of local self-control.-0-

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