N. Sadigov: Azerbaijan uses all opportunities to liberate its lands

The international community takes a contemplative stance against the occupation of Azerbaijani territories. This was stated by the Chief of General Staff of Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Najmaddin Sadigov, speaking at a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the CIS countries in Baku.

According to him, it is the indecision of international organizations, including the CIS, that promotes "the unpunished occupation of the Azerbaijani territories for a long time."

However, he pointed out that the country's economic development is strengthening as well as the Azerbaijani armed forces. Azerbaijan's military budget is increasing every year and this trend will continue.

According to Sadigov, although Azerbaijan wishes a peaceful settlement of the conflict, and for this there is still opportunity, Azerbaijan will never accept the occupation.

" Armenian occupying forces must comply with the requirements set out in UN Security Council resolutions, and  leave the territory of Azerbaijan. International law must be the same for everyone, there should be no double standards. No one can have exclusive rights" Sadigov said.

He stressed that with the exception of Armenia, Azerbaijan's territorial integrity is recognized by all countries and international organizations and Baku requires compliance with international law.

" Azerbaijan will use all the rights under international law, to restore its territorial integrity," summed up Sadigov. -06D -

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