Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: Kharkov Center cleared, and 70 people arrested

Divisions of police cordoned off the center of Kharkov and occupied the regional administration building. This was said by Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, on his Facebook page.

During the anti-terrorist operation, by 8:00 police had taken control of the administration, in which the night before a fire had occurred.

Avakov also reported the arrest of 70 "separatists." The operation was carried out without the use of firearms.

A little later, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Mykola Knyazhytskyy, reported that the detainees were transferred from Kharkov to prisons in Poltava and Kiev. According to him, the special forces Jaguar took part in the operation in the city.

Simultaneously, the Interior Ministry announced the release of the Kharkov TV center. " Law enforcement officials talked with activists and proved to them that their citizenship should be exercised only in the legal field.

Earlier Avakov said that police had revealed the leaders of the Kharkov riots hiding in the crowd. According to him, some of them are from outside, but the majority are "local marginals with a significant addition of the communist electorate."

The administration building in Kharkov was captured by pro-Russian activists in the evening on April 6. The next day they announced the creation of the People's Republic of Kharkov and the intention to hold a referendum on the status of the region soon.

The situation remains tense in the city of Donetsk, where pro-Russian separatists set fire to cars, organized pogroms and also seized the regional administration building. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry brought special forces to the city and apparently today there should be an operation.

 Earlier, Ukrainian authorities released the National Security Service building in Lugansk from Russian separatists. -02D-

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