Nalbandian: Baku does not like the idea of ​​the President of France on Top Summit

Yerevan/23.06.14/Turan- ArmInfo:   Baku does not like suggestions  from the OSCE Minsk Group, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. "This also applies to questions of confidence-building, in particular to strengthen the ceasefire, withdrawal of snipers, establishing mechanisms for the investigation of incidents, including  packet proposals by co-chairs, consisting of five applications of the presidents of the co-chairs OSCE Minsk Group, " said Nalbandian.

According to him, the French president Francois Holland  during his  visit to the region presented a concrete idea, including the content, for the organization of the summit between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Paris. Maybe  Baku is not very happy with  the specifics, said Nalbandian.

Lavrov said that Russia would support any efforts that will  bring  closer to the resolution of this crisis. "The ideas of the French partners, which will translate into practical language principles agreed at the top, are supported by Russia," he said. In this context, he added that in any case, than the more regular will be meetings of the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan, the greater dynamics will  gain the negotiation process.-02D-

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