Namazov: The head of state should not encourage intolerance

Attacks President Ilham Aliyev and his opposition to the charges of treason and corruption is a manifestation of intolerance towards opponents and the "cold civil war". This opinion was expressed in an interview with Turan chief of staff of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Eldar Namazov, commenting on Aliyev on June 7 at the V Congress of the party "Yeni Azerbaijan" Party (NAP).

"It is anti-national forces, treacherous, corrupt factions that were once in power, and that even today without any reason are living the dream of power," - said Aliyev.

Commenting on these statements, Namazov said those who had come to power, "feel almost winners in the civil war and regard political opponents as enemies defeated in the war."

 "However, international experience shows - in a civil war can not be the winner. If the rights of the underdog violated, they are treated as second-class citizens perceive as enemies of the people, in a country over time will begin again the social and political upheavals, "- said prayers.

"Unfortunately, as the instigator" of the civil war in the minds' of zero tolerance of political opponents to the President of the country. Although, according to the Constitution, the President is the guarantor of the rights of every citizen.

With this approach, the power of leading the country to a dangerous confrontation between the inner and pulls in the socio-political crisis ", - believes prayers.

Blaming someone for treason, corruption can be regarded as defamation and be grounds for legal action, a well-known expert in the field of media law Alasgar Mammadov.

The Criminal Code of Azerbaijan has an article "treason." Blaming someone in a national betrayal may be perceived as defamation of committing 

felony. On the other hand, the expression "betrayal", "corruption" are considered offensive.

However, a lawsuit can be filed if the defamatory expression is addressed to a particular person. If it is expressed generally, no one can sue.

In the case of the president, if he even named specific individuals filing a claim is impossible because of head of state immunity. It could only go about filing a civil action and claim compensation, the expert explained. -16B06-

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