Naryshkin's "secret" visit to Baku

Baku/20.07.22/Turan: Head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin visited Baku on July 19. He was received by the head of the state Ilham Aliyev. Besides, Naryshkin had a meeting and signed a cooperation agreement with his Azerbaijani counterpart Orkhan Sultanov.

The most interesting thing is that the official Azerbaijani media said no word about all this. Most of the pro-government media did not write anything either.

On Tuesday night, it was reported that Naryshkin held a brief press conference at the Russian Embassy in Baku, where he invited only journalists working for the Russian media - TASS agency and Sputnik, as well as the Mir TV channel.

It is difficult to explain the "secrecy" surrounding the FIS head's visit.

As for Naryshkin's statements at the press conference, they are as follows:  Ensuring peace and security in the South Caucasus is an important factor in bilateral cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan.

"Russia played a major role in terminating the war in Karabakh," he said, noting the great role of peacekeepers in ensuring peace.

"Our position is that as a partner of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russia plays an important role in the issue of border delimitation and demarcation, solving transport issues and concluding a decisive peace treaty between Baku and Yerevan," Sputnik-Azerbaijan quoted Naryshkin as saying.

Naryshkin further reported on the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Russian and Azerbaijani Foreign Intelligence Services.

"This document gives impetus to our ties and mutual cooperation. This is about joint activities to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our countries, fight terrorism and radical extremism, protect the interests of Russian and Azerbaijani citizens in third countries," Naryshkin said, stressing the good history of cooperation between the special services of the two countries. -02В-

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