Opposition demands to investigate the �Azerbaijan Landromat�

Baku / 14.12.18 / Turan: Azerbaijani opposition politicians demanded that law enforcement agencies investigate corruption and money laundering revealed in the investigation of Azerbaijan Landromat.

Thus, the British authorities froze bank accounts worth several billion dollars related to the laundering of dirty money from Azerbaijan. According to the National Crime Control Agency (NCA), an order to freeze accounts was the first step in the fight against money laundering.

Commenting on the case, the head of the National Council of Democratic Forces, Jamil Hasanli, said that first of all the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan should investigate these facts, in particular, the testimony of US citizen Kemal Oxus. He acknowledged that he participated in financing travels of US congressmen in Baku at the expense of SOCAR.

Hasanli said that funds intended for defense were illegally withdrawn from Azerbaijan. Despite the exposure of these facts at the international level and the proceedings in foreign anti-corruption commissions, official Baku remains silent.

"Why don"t the country's leadership and the Prosecutor General keep these facts under personal control," Hasanly remarks sarcastically on his Facebook page.

The leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli also notes that sooner or later the facts of corruption and money laundering should have been exposed. "We said that you would not be able to safely endorse the money of the people, martyrs, veterans, disabled people, children," Kerimli writes.

"Now all over the world, Azerbaijan is known as a corrupt country. Therefore, investments in the country are declining, and large companies are leaving the country. By their behavior, the authorities form a negative image about the country, which makes it difficult to resolve all problems, including the Karabakh conflict," said Arif Hajili, head of the Musavat party, in an interview with "Voice of America" service.

The leader of the party "REAL" Ilgar Mamedov believes that the information about the freezing of bank accounts in the UK related to "Azerbaijan Landromat" does not mean anything new.

Earlier in London, measures were taken against the wife of the former head of the International Bank of Azerbaijan, Jahangir Hajiyev. "Then a number of international observers noted that one should not pursue those who have already been punished in their country. Measures should be taken against those who are still in power," Mammadov said to the Azerbaijani service of Voice of America. -06D--

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