PACE leadership expects the release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan

Today at the press conference PACE President Anne Brasseur  told that she passed the list of political prisoners to Azerbaijan, which she presented local human rights activists. "We have submitted a list to President Ilham Aliyev, who is also the head of the parliament passed Oktay Asadov. The list includes the names the release of which we desire," said Brasseur. She also expressed her satisfaction that the defenders managed to agree on a single list.

Brasseur said that a few weeks ago she called on the authorities of Azerbaijan for giving her the opportunity to meet with the arrested leader of the REAL Ilgar Mamedov. She said that she has not yet received such permission. However, Brasseur added that if Mammadov is not released,  she will once again come to Azerbaijan.

Brasseur also pointed out that the European Court of Human Rights ruled in the case of Mammadov. She hoped that Mamedov will find freedom. Speaking about the purpose of his visit, Brasseur said that the mission associated with participation in Baku at the meetings of the Bureau and the Standing Committee. These events were held in Baku in connection with the chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of Azerbaijan CE. She welcomed the ratification of the vast majority of Azerbaijan CE conventions. Brasseur confirmed previously expressed in the resolutions of the PACE support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. "Support for the territorial integrity of the members of our organization is our value," said Brasseur. However, Brasseur stated there were problems in Azerbaijan's human rights, freedom of expression and assembly. And in this regard, she noted the need for more work on the implementation of country commitments to the CoE.

She also criticized the review of the visa to the vice president of PACE, head of the French delegation Rouquet, describing this as a violation of the Paris Protocol on free movement of PASA members to participate in activities of the Assembly. This decision was made in connection with a visit to the occupied territories Azerbaijan.—06b—

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