Zahid Oruc

Zahid Oruc

Baku/25.05.21/Turan:  At a parliamentary meeting on May 25, the head of the Human Rights Committee Zahid Oruj, announced the growth of fake news in the information space of Azerbaijan. The influence of the rapidly spreading fake news is increasing, and troll armies control part of the information space, he said.  Oruj noted that the local media, in search of a mass reader, are driving such sacred names as Azerbaijan and Baku into the trap of an artificial rating.

«Try to search in Google several headlines. What you see?" Shock event in Azerbaijan - 6 million 350 thousand. The same applies to Baku. Of course, these sensations appear in other news headlines," he said.

The deputy stressed that it is necessary to expand the space of reliable information. "In order to increase the independence of the press and return it professionalism, it is important to fill the niche with hundreds of people who have retired from the mass media. There is a need for a new state strategy to combat false information. Yes, we won the Patriotic War, but in the information space, it is necessary to respond to daily, sometimes every minute attacks," said Oruj. —0—


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