Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/15.07.20/Turan: The editor of the extremely nationalist Armenian publication Voskanapat Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan made a remarkable statement in July 15. In the material on his website, he accused Prime Minister Pashinyan of having questioned the need for shelling an UAZ of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on July 12, which is why the situation worsened.

“We will start with a government meeting and the statement made by Prime Minister Pashinyan there, and then by posing questions addressed to Minister of Defense David Tonoyan. Did you hear anything serious about preventing war there? A word, a program, an action plan ... What was there at the government meeting, besides the prime minister's criticism of the Minister of Defense, that perhaps the goal of the Azerbaijanis was not to seize the position, but to return the lost car? Marazm,”  said Shahnazaryan indignantly.

“Yesterday (July 14), the Minister of Defense of Armenia said how they prevent the war: improving their positions, punishing the enemy rigidly and speaking the language of ultimatums,” he continues and accuses the country's political leadership of not wanting this.

Shakhnazaryan touched on a very important point, which indirectly confirms Tonoyan’s connection with a third force interested in exerting pressure on Azerbaijan. A graduate of the Military-Diplomatic Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, David Tonoyan  has close relations with friends  from the Intellegence Departyment of Russia’s General Staff. It was under Tonoyan that Russia began to arming Armenia intensely. This strengthening is directed not so much against Azerbaijan, but rather on strengthening the figure of Tonoyan himself and the army as a whole. Today, the Armenian army is the only pro-Russian “resource” that Moscow can count on to maintain its position in Armenia. -02D-


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