Production of Azerbaijan at the exhibition «ADEX-2014"

Azerbaijan presented at the ongoing first Baku International Defense Industry Exhibition «ADEX-2014" 168 kinds of products. Significant group of them is armored. Thus, Azerbaijan produces modernized forms of Soviet armored vehicles: the BTR-70, BRDM, the BRDM-2 tracked reconnaissance and patrol vehicle. This technique is able to operate on diesel fuel, which increases the mileage on one filling.

In addition, the upgraded machine gun equipped with armored personnel carriers instead of a gun. In particular, electronic homing weapon system "Şimşek" ("Lightning.") Azerbaijan also provided armored personnel carriers "Matador" (for the transportation of personnel through the minefields), as well as armored personnel carriers "Maruader" and armored vehicles "Gyurza."

Wide range of weapons and small arms: large-caliber sniper rifles "Mubariz" (12.7 mm.) And "Istiqlal" (14.5 mm.), As well as sniper rifles "Yalguzag" (7.62 mm.) And "Yyrtydzhy" (7.62 mm).

Besides, there are different types of mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, pistols, including semi-automatic - "Zafar-P" and "Inam". At the same time, Azerbaijan has presented cartridges and other ammunition and projectiles own production. Also presented two drone to gather intelligence - "Aerostar" and "Orbiter 2M."

Among the novelties of foreign manufacturers attention attracted reconnaissance attack helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" presented by the Corporation "Russian Helicopters." This all-weather combat helicopter around the clock application, designed to meet the challenges of exploration and management of a group of combat attack helicopters. The Ka-52 is equipped with devices to reduce visibility, electronic protection system, by means of active resistance and a powerful offensive weapons. "Alligator" provides a high degree of protection of the crew.

According to the same site , South African company Paramount Group has signed an agreement with the Azerbaijani company AirTechServices Corporation for the establishment of Paramount Aerospace Azerbaijan, which will deal with the modernization of helicopters and several aircraft models. Exhibition will end on September 13.-06c—

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