CMD against waste, and not Ehsan

Media reports of bans on the funerals causes concern among the population, said an unnamed source who wished to remain in the Caucasian Muslims Department (CMD.) According to him, the fight must be against wastes, and not against funerals (the food at the funerals.)

CMD can not prohibit the conducting of funerals, because several verses of the Qur'an refers to the need Ehsan.

"You must have to know measure to stop and prevent waste," he said. The source also denied information that the religious leaders participating in the Ehsan( funerals) will be fined. The information that in Ganja and Sumgait Ehsan has been banned is also  false. The new head of the State Committee for Work with Religious communities, Mubariz Gurbanli, called "unacceptable" interference in commemoration of the executive branch.

CMD will monitor the situation and come up with appropriate statements on the matter, said  the source.-05B04-

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