Relatives and friends of the "Ganja prisoners" held an act of protest in front of the EU office in Baku

Baku/25.05.21/Turan: Today, on May 25, a group of family members of those arrested in the "Ganja case" held an act of  protest in front of the EU Representative Office in Baku. Participants of the action held placards with words " Freedom to the Ganja prisoners!", " End to false accusations!".

The participants of the action voiced a demand for the release of the relatives under arrest.

“For several years now, we have been traveling along the Ganja-Baku road. Our children are innocent. For this reason, we want justice in the courts and the acquittal of our children,” said an action participant.

Another participant of the action said that the government and law enforcement agencies, though hearding their demands, decline from complying with them.

“We would like the Azerbaijani courts to make fair decisions, so that the false accusations stop. But, the courts make no fair decisions. For this reason, we are forced to contact international organizations. We want to achieve fair decisions in the courts of our country with the help of international organizations, " he said.

On July 3, 2018, an attempt was made on the then head of the executive power of the city of Ganja, Elmar Veliyev. A resident of Ganja, Yunis Safarov, wounded him and his bodyguard.

After that, a protest action was scheduled for July 10 in front of the Ganja administration building. On that day, there were riots in the city, during which two high-ranking police officers were killed. This was followed by mass arrests of believers and other persons.

According to these events, a criminal case was opened against 70 people. The accused were sentenced 6 to 18 years iof mprisonment. About 10 people were paroled.

The trial of Yunis Safarov and 11 others began in January 2020. -03-


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