State Service for Special Communications Ensures Cybersecurity for COP29 in Baku

State Service for Special Communications Ensures Cybersecurity for COP29 in Baku

The State Service for Special Communications and Information Security is taking significant steps to guarantee information security during the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29), scheduled to be held in Baku this November.

In preparation for the high-profile international event, the State Service is undertaking a comprehensive range of measures. These include hosting the COP29 database in their state-of-the-art data center, conducting rigorous security audits, addressing critical telecommunications issues, and ensuring the event area is covered by the secure AzStateNet Internet network.

"We are in continuous coordination with the COP29 team, holding regular meetings to discuss and resolve these critical security matters," Tural Mammadov, head of the State Special Communications and Information Security Service, announced at the IV summit of heads of IT services of state institutions.

To further bolster information and cybersecurity, the State Service has developed a platform designed to monitor and evaluate the implementation of cybersecurity action plans across public institutions. This innovative platform facilitates inter-departmental discussions and requires each government department to input real-time data on their progress.

The monitoring and evaluation working group, established under the information security coordination commission, will utilize this platform to assess the effectiveness of the implemented measures based on predefined indicators, Mammadov added.

88 government agencies with 92 domains have already switched to a new email system available nationwide. 12,834 malicious links targeting government websites on the Azstatenet network have been blocked. In addition, the centralized antivirus system intercepted 3,702 malicious links, while the isolated protection technology prevented 39,894 attempts by intruders, Mammadov said.

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