The Announcement of the Creation of the "National Council" Postponed

Several thousand people took part in a rally today in a village near the monument to Mammadamin Rasulzadeh in Novkhani on the occasion of Republic Day.

Contrary to expectations, the creation of the "National Council" was not announced. However, opposition leaders have assured that the issue has been resolved and the establishment of the National Council will be dealt with shortly.

Leader of "Musavat", Isa Gambar, said that the main achievement was the formation of ADR - Azerbaijani statehood in 1918. It was possible to preserve the formal institutions of the state in the USSR and declare independence in its decay.

Gambar said that the democratic government of Azerbaijan headed by Abulfaz Elchibey lasted only a year and was overthrown by "dark forces". For 20 years, the country has been under "occupation by the authoritarian and corrupt Aliyev regime."

Gambar indicated the authorities' desire to forget the merits of AHP figures. So, overall there are erection of  monuments to Heydar Aliyev, but there are no monuments to Rasulzadeh and Elchibey.

Regarding the fate of the National Council, he said that the work is 99% complete and there will soon be an announcement on its creation.

He expressed his conviction that the democratic forces will be able to achieve a peaceful change of power and send the Aliyev regime in the archives of history.

The former interior minister in the government of the Popular Front in 1992 Iskender Hamidov called on the opposition to radicalization. In his view, the current regime will not go away at its own will. He called the power the "Government of prostitutes." "They give dishonest people the Order of Honor, infamous people - the Order of Glory, prostitutes - the title of People's Artist.

He accused the government of plundering people's wealth, building luxury villas, while the poor have nowhere to live. At the same time he stressed that neither Mahammad Amin Rasulzadeh nor Abulfaz Elchibey took a single penny out of the country.

The leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli focused on the formation of the National Council, which consolidates in its ranks a wide range of social and political forces. He reminded that the National Council proclaimed the independence of Azerbaijan, May 28, 1918.

The new National Council will consist of representatives of political forces, which together will lead the movement for democratic elections.

In the course of the rally, the crowd chanted permanently: "Declare the National Council.

In turn, the leader of the El Movement, Eldar Namazov confirmed that the work on the formation of the National Council is coming to an end. According to him, he has received numerous proposals for participation in the National Council of representatives from various political forces. In the next few days the creation of the new structure will be announced. . -03/06- 


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