Эльданиз  Салимов

Эльданиз Салимов

Baku/03.08.21/Turan: The Binagadi court today has arrested Eldaniz Salimov for the period of the investigation for three months.

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2021 August 03 (Tuesday) 14:02:14

The court to consider the arrest of Eldaniz Salimov /UPDATED/

Baku/03.08.21/Turan: Deputy Eldaniz Salimov who has been stripped of parliamentary immunity today, is detained and taken to the Binagadi region court. The prosecutor's office submission on Salimov's arrest will be considered there, a source  in the prosecutor's office told Turan. –06D-

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2021 August 03 (Tuesday) 12:44:18

Eldaniz Salimov is stripped of parliamentary immunity

Baku/03.08.21/Turan: On the morning of August 3, at an extraordinary session of Milli Majlis, debates over stripping Eldaniz Salimov of parliamentary immunity began. An appropriate submission was submitted by Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev.

In his speech to the deputies the Prosecutor General stated that there are sufficient grounds for stripping Eldaniz Salimov of parliamentary immunity.

As is known, on the night of July 29, Salimov, in a sozzled state, beat a police officer who urged him to comply with norms of the quarantine regime. As a matter of fact, the prosecutor's office initiated a criminal case under Article 309.2 (abuse of official authority) of the Criminal Code.

In the course of debates over the incident, a majority of deputies condemned Salimov's actions. The question was put to the vote and adopted by a majority of votes.

According to the charges, Salimov faces 3 to 7 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. -02B-


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