The court did not release Alesker Mammadli again

The court did not release Alesker Mammadli again

On April 3, the Baku Court of Appeal rejected a complaint against the refusal to transfer “Toplum TV's” legal founder Alesker Mammadli to house arrest. Mammadli himself participated in the trial, lawyer Agil Layidj told Turan.

"He said that transfer to house arrest is important not only for freedom, but also for life. He said that he already feels an increase in the thyroid tumor and is suffocating," the lawyer said.

According to him, Mammadli needs urgent examination and treatment, but he still has not taken samples for biopsy. "Our requests to transfer him at least to a medical institution of the Ministry of Justice remain unanswered," Layidj said. In turn, Nasimi Mammadli, the brother of Alesker Mammadli, expressed concern for his brother's condition. “He has periodic attacks of suffocation. Delay in treatment can lead to the proliferation of tumors and metastases and a threat to life," he said. It was not possible to get comments from the Penitentiary Service and the main medical Department of the Ministry of Justice.

* Recall that on March 6-8, 9 employees of “Toplum TV” and its partner organization, the Institute of Democratic Initiatives, were detained. They are charged with smuggling foreign currency. Seven people were subjected to pre-trial detention for a period of 4 months, two more were transferred to police supervision.

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