The court extended the term of arrest of two journalists in the case of “Abzas Media”

The court extended the term of arrest of two journalists in the case of “Abzas Media”

On June 10, the Khatai District Court of Baku satisfied the investigation's submission to extend the arrest of investigative journalist Hafiz Babaly for another 1 month - until July 13, his lawyer Rasul Jafarov told Turan.

During the meeting, the defense pointed out the unreasonableness of Babaly's detention and filed a counter petition to change the preventive measure to house arrest. The journalist himself once again rejected the accusations of smuggling, linking his case with journalism and drew the court's attention to health problems.

Babaly is a visually impaired person of the third group. In addition, he has varicose veins in his leg. However, judge Fuad Axundov extended the period of the journalist's arrest. The defense will appeal.

Today, the Khatai court extended the pre-trial detention of another person involved in this case, journalist Elnara Gasimova, for another 2 months – until August 13, her lawyer Gunay Ismayilova said.

The defense does not agree with this decision due to the lack of material and procedural grounds for the detention of the journalist and intends to appeal this decision. Gasimova also denies the accusation and links it to her journalistic activities.

It should be noted that by the decision of the prosecutor's office, the investigation into the “Abzas Media case” was extended until September 20.

* In November 2023 – January 2024, six journalists and media workers associated with “Abzas Media” were arrested on charges of "smuggling foreign currency by prior agreement".

In April, the head of the website was also arrested in this case Imran Aliyev and the head of the Center for Election Monitoring and Democracy Education Anar Mammadli. Subsequently, their cases were separated into separate proceedings.

On June 1, economist Farida Mehralizade was also arrested in the case of “Abzas Media.” The arrested plead not guilty. Human rights activists recognized them as political prisoners. International organizations have called for the release of those arrested.

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