The court rejected the proposal on home arrest for Anar Mammadov

The  Nasimi District Court today rejected the motion to change the measure of restraint on house arrest for Anar Mammadov , the leader of the Election Monitoring and Democratic Studies Center (EMDSC,)  Turan was  told by lawyer Fariz Namazly.

According to him, previously prosecutors motivated Mammadov detention  by the fact that he could  hide from the investigation, or  put pressure on witnesses.

"But the preliminary investigation is complete, and Anar Mammadov cannot evade investigation or put pressure on witnesses," said Namazly.

However, the court dismissed the petition, and the decision will be filed with the appeal.

* Anar Mammadov was arrested on December 16, 2013 on charges of illegal business, tax evasion and  abuse of office. The Court sanctioned his arrest for three months.

On March 19 preliminary investigation was over, and Mammadov , as well as two other activists who have signed a document to not leave the country, Bashir Suleymanli and  Elnur Mammadov were charged under Article 179.3.2 ( embezzlement on a large scale) and Article 313 ( forgery) of the Criminal Code.

** International human rights organization Amnesty International has recognized Mammedov as a "prisoner of conscience." Another organization in defense of human rights defenders, Front Line Defenders, includes Mammadov in the list of 12 people  and  launched a campaign dedicated to the Olympic Games in Sochi  in their defence. The real reason for the arrest of  Mammadov  is for exposing  fraud by authorities during the presidential elections in Azerbaijan in October last year. -06B-

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