The court upheld the verdict of the head of the site

The court upheld the verdict of the head of the site

Today, the Ganja Court of Appeal has completed consideration of the complaint of Osman Narimanoglu (Rzayev), the head of the  site on the sentence of imprisonment for 6.5 years.  As Narimanoglu Arzu Rzayeva's wife told Turan, After a formal trial, the court announced the verdict in the absence of a lawyer, leaving the verdict of the first instance unchanged, Narimanoglu’s wife Arzu Rzayeva told Turan.

"My husband was convicted on trumped-up charges. The court executed an order for his arrest," Rzayeva said. She noted that her husband continues his hunger strike, which was announced on May 13 in protest against the illegal arrest and the biased consideration of the appeal against the verdict. During the 4 days of the hunger strike, Narimanoglu's health deteriorated. At the same time, in the Ganja pre-trial detention center-2, no medical assistance is provided to him, and his application for a hunger strike is not sent to the Penitentiary Service. According to her, Narimanoglu said after the court decision that he would continue his hunger strike.

*Osman Narimanoglu was arrested on July 5, 2022 on charges of extortion. After his arrest, he stated that the accusations were false and he was slandered by officials of the Melioration Department, as well as doctors of the Goranboy and Goygol regions, about whose corruption the site published materials. On January 25, the court sentenced him to 6.5 years in prison. Human rights activists recognized Osman Narimanoglu as a political prisoner.

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