The Government of Ukraine initiates joining NATO

The Ukrainian government introduced the parliament a  bill  to abolish the non-aligned status of Ukraine and the renewal rate for membership in NATO.  The head of Cabinet, Yatsenyuk, stated  at a cabinet meeting on Friday that the government will offer to cancel the non-aligned status of Ukraine, the agency UNIAN.

According to Yatsenyuk, the bill states that "the only goal of Ukraine's foreign policy is the EU membership." "This bill prohibits the Ukrainian State to take a decision on membership in any other economic, political or military alliances.

The adoption of this law means that Ukraine will be prohibited (membership) as in the Customs, and the Eurasian and other various kinds of so-called "union" which, in essence, is nothing more than the name of the Soviet Union the Russian Federation "- said Yatsenyuk.

He called to consider the bill immediately. -02D-

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