The Interior Ministry confirms Guliyev's detention, but denies his service in the police

The Interior Ministry confirms Guliyev's detention, but denies his service in the police

Baku/05.12.23/Turan: The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan confirmed the detention of public activist Ilhamiz Guliyev as a suspect in the drug case. Guliyev was detained as a suspect "in the illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs by a group of persons,"  Nurlan Aliyev, an employee of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, told Turan. "He provided drugs to persons known to the investigation, and allegations about his past service in the police are unfounded. He has never been a police officer," Aliyev said.

It should be noted that Guliyev was detained on December 4. According to relatives, the detention was carried out with the use of violence. According to human rights activists, the reason for Guliyev's detention was an interview with the publication in “Abzas Media,” in which he spoke about the use of "undocumented drugs" by the police in the persecution of political activists. Guliyev was introduced as an anonymous person, and his voice was changed by a special program. However, according to activists, Guliyev was "figured out" in the Interior Ministry.

There is no information yet when the court will consider the issue of choosing a preventive measure against Guliyev. –21B-

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