An Iranian state television correspondent who accompanied Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi during his visit to the Iran-Azerbaijan border reported around midnight details of the helicopter accident with the president.

“We are located near the Songun copper mine near the village of Varazgan. The helicopter’s GPS shows that it made a hard landing, there is heavy fog, it’s raining, visibility is about 5-6 meters, it’s extremely difficult to get into this mountainous area and this complicates the situation,” said the correspondent on the air of the state TV channel IRIB.

Iranian media are conveying conflicting messages. According to some sources, contact with the passengers of the helicopter was established, but the condition of Raisi and others in the helicopter has not been reported.

Apparently, the accident was serious. As for the lengthy searches, this speaks to the state of the security system and the technical backwardness of the helicopter used by Iran's top official.

It should be noted that the accident occurred approximately 100 km from the Khudaferin hydroelectric complex, from where the helicopter took off.

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