The Islamic Party: Death of Akhundzade destabilizes the situation in the south

The press conference held on Monday discussed the arrest of members of the Islamic Party and the violation of their rights. The head of the Supreme Assembly of the party, Natiq Kerimov, reminded are eight members of the party, led by its chairman Movsum Samedov, are in prison. Five more are under investigation. In total, more than 90 worshipers in the country are arrested in the country. They are accused on the following charges: possession of drugs, preparation of terror, attempt to seize power. All of these charges handed down the sentences are unfounded, said Karimov. He also reminded the strange death of deputy chairman of the IPA, Vagif Abdullayev, in prison in 2012.

Today, death threatens the chairman of the Astara branch of IPA, Ruhulla Akhundzade. On May 10, he suffered from heart attack and was taken to the prison hospital. According to Karimov, Prison Service did not allow Akhundzade who is deprived of normal treatment, and is kept under unbearable conditions - (a cell with another 15 prisoners.) "Akhundzade can die at any time," said Karimov.

According to the deputy chairman Akif Heydarli IPA, Akhundzade has a great reputation in the southern zone. His death in custody may cause destabilization of the situation. Therefore, he should be released as soon as possible. 

Acting Chairman of the IPA, Elchin Manafov suggested to appeal to the head of state. If the appeal  does not help, the question on mass protests will be on the agenda, he said. The party leadership has stated that it intends to continue  fight for the right of members. 

* In late 2010, the protests began in Azerbaijan in connection with the ban on headscarves in schools. In early January 2011 the arrests of the IPA members began. Several people, including the leader of the party, Movsum Samedov and  Ruhulla Akhundzade, were charged with possession of weapons and prepare to seize power. They were sentenced to 11 and 12 years in prison.-05C04- 


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